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Jessica Lipnack Virtual Teams. People Working Across Boundaries with Technology

Praise for the First Edition of Virtual Teams «If you want to see where organizational communications are going in the future, heed what these pioneers have written today.» —Howard Rheingold, author, The Virtual Community, and founder, Electric Mind «Lipnack and Stamps have written an important book for the twenty-first-century corporation.» —Regis McKenna, The McKenna Group, author, Relationship Marketing «This book provides a long overdue perspective on how to apply the discipline of real teams in the fast-moving, increasingly dispersed information age of the future.» —Jon R. Katzenbach, author, The Wisdom of Teams «For those who want to lead the movement, catch up with it, or simply know where it is going, this book is packed with useful information and interesting stories.» —Dee W. Hock, founder and chairman emeritus, VISA «Virtual Teams provides valuable insights into global teamwork and management through network technologies now available to all companies, large or small.» —Jim Lynch, director, corporate quality, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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Dummies Press Virtual Teams For

Set your virtual team on a path to success In the global marketplace, people can work practically anywhere and anytime. Virtual teams cut across the boundaries of time, space, culture, and sometimes even organizations. Rising costs, global locations, and advances in technology are top reasons why virtual teams have increased by 800 percent over the past 5 years. Packed with solid advice, interviews and case studies from well-known companies who are already using virtual teams in their business model and their lessons learned, Virtual Teams For Dummies provides rock-solid guidance on the essentials for building, leading, and sustaining a highly productive virtual workforce. It helps executives understand key support strategies that lead virtual teams to success and provides practical information and tools to help leaders and their teams bridge the communication gaps created by geographical separation—and achieve peak performance. Includes research findings based on a year-long study on the effectiveness of virtual teams Mindset and skill shift for managers from old school traditional team management to virtual team management Covers the communication and relationship strategies for virtual teams Examines how the frequency of in-person meetings affects a remote team’s success Written by an award-winning leadership expert, this book is your one-stop resource on creating and sustaining a successful virtual team.

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Russ Martinelli J. Projects Without Boundaries. Successfully Leading Teams and Managing in a Virtual World

Clear, proven solutions for virtual project management challenges Projects Without Boundaries offers project managers a clear framework for bringing both project management practices and project team leadership principles to the virtual space. Written by a team of authors with years of experience managing nationally and internationally distributed teams, this book provides a suite of best practices, checklists, and actionable strategies for managing a project and building a high-performing team in a virtual and multicultural environment. Real-world examples illustrate the application of the concepts discussed, and the Virtual Project Readiness Assessment facilitates both team evaluation and transformation planning for virtual project management improvement. Each chapter focuses on the critical challenges encountered while managing virtual projects and details proven solutions that improve a virtual organization, boost project performance, and facilitate positive outcomes. Globalization and technological advances have merged to create dynamic, productive teams that work together from around the globe; this opportunity can bring great difficulty for project managers, who must negotiate hurdles that do not exist on traditional projects. This book provides ready-made solutions specific to distributed and multicultural teams, to help you achieve the full potential of the global talent pool. Overcome common challenges of virtual projects with distributed teams Navigate complex team dynamics to ensure effective collaboration Work seamlessly across borders, time zones, and cultures Determine optimal virtual communication and collaboration tools Apply traditional project management practices in a virtual setting A team fails or thrives on the strength of its management. Fitting the groups needs, expectations, personalities, and skills into a cohesive whole is seldom simple – and distance adds an additional layer of complexity. Projects Without Boundaries provides expert guidance on keeping it together, with proven practices, tools, and virtual team leadership strategies.

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Lepsinger Richard Virtual Team Success. A Practical Guide for Working and Leading from a Distance

Praise for VIRTUAL TEAM SUCCESS «Theres no school for this yet, but when the first is established, Virtual Team Success: A Practical Guide for Working and Leading from a Distance will certainly be the core curriculum.» —JESSICA LIPNACK AND JEFFREY STAMPS, CEO and co-founders, NetAge «Virtual Team Success is a must have for anyone managing geographically-dispersed teams. DeRosa and Lepsinger bring experience and credentials to guide us all through the labyrinth of problems that so often derail virtual teams. As our global businesses become increasingly complex, I cant imagine a more timely or better resource.» —JAY MOLDENHAUER-SALAZAR, vice president, talent management, The Gap «For global teams that want to be top-performing, Virtual Team Success should be their team handbook. Its loaded with tools, checklists, models, and practical recommendations for working and leading from a distance. This is the kind of book virtual teams really need to be successful. Ive been waiting for a book like this and look forward to recommending it as a resource that can help improve the performance of our teams!» —KATHLEEN MCGUIRE, manager organizational development, Bayer Healthcare HR Global Leadership Development «Virtual teams are intended to make optimal use of expertise spread across the world, but performance excellence is the exception and mediocrity the rule. After extensive and careful study of real teams, DeRosa and Lepsinger have captured essential information, principles of operation, and tools in a highly readable volume that can help thoughtful readers elevate the performance of the teams significantly. The practical focus, collection of techniques and tools, and „how to“ tips provide an essential foundation for anyone with virtual team responsibility. The organization of the book centered around challenges, differentiators, and lessons will facilitate finding answers to any problem the team faces. The RAMP model makes it easy to focus on whats important in enabling top performance.» —MIKE BEYERLEIN, professor, Organizational Leadership, Purdue University

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Barner Charlotte P. Building Better Teams. 70 Tools and Techniques for Strengthening Performance Within Across Teams

Over the past 10 years in the field of human and organizational development, the approach to team building has moved from problem solving and conflict management to helping work groups and organizations build a foundation of trust, cooperation, and mutual support. Focusing on collaboration rather than resolving conflict, Building Better Teams: 70 Tools and Techniques for Strengthening Performance Within and Across Teams offers a fresh approach to team building. It provides proven tools for the most common needs of teams, including establishing trust, building consensus, managing change, working virtually and across boundaries, and dealing with setbacks.

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Juliana Stancampiano Radical Outcomes. How to Create Extraordinary Teams that Get Tangible Results

Create simple, engaging, and effective outputs that actually get results Billions of corporate dollars are spent every year on initiatives to help people succeed in their job, but much of it goes to waste. Across industries, people are scrambling to find what they need to grow and improve at work, and executives are left wondering why these initiatives aren’t effective. Author Juliana Stancampiano has plumbed the depths of this massive disconnect with her team. With this book, she bridges the gap. Radical Outcomes is a blueprint for a new way of working. Instead of taking old methods and retrofitting them for new technology, Stancampiano unveils a collaborative, fast, and effective way of working that avoids randomness and organizational drag. The book offers a new way of working—the future of the way people and teams will work together. Find out how to get tangible results through a structured process Cut through noise and information overload to give people what they really need Design the right output for the right outcome Improve and succeed no matter where you are in the organization Find out how to create radical outcomes through high performing teams—and get started today.

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Robert Ubell Virtual Teamwork. Mastering the Art and Practice of Online Learning Corporate Collaboration

This book, by Robert Ubell and his excellent team of collaborators, adds an important dimension to effective teaching and learning in online environments. It addresses how interaction and collaboration online can be effectively harnessed in virtual teams. It is an important contribution to the larger field of Internet-based education. —Frank Mayadas, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation How to create and manage highly successful teams online With the advent of the global economy and high-speed Internet, online collaboration is fast becoming the norm in education and industry. This book takes online collaboration to the next level, showing how you can bolster online learning and business performance with the innovative use of virtual teams. Written by a team of experts headed by online learning pioneer Robert Ubell, Virtual Teamwork covers best practices for online instruction and team learning, reveals proven techniques for managing enterprise and global virtual teams, and helps you choose the best communication tools for the job. Educators, project managers, and anyone involved in teaching online courses or creating online programs will find a wealth of tips and techniques for building and managing successful virtual teams, including guidance for: Integrating team instruction in the virtual classroom Using best techniques for team interaction across borders and time zones Structuring cost-effective, competitive projects that work Leveraging leadership, mentoring, and conflict management in virtual teams Conducting testing, grading, and peer- and self-assessment online Managing corporate, global, and engineering virtual teams Choosing the right technologies for effective collaboration

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John Chen 50 Digital Team-Building Games. Fast, Fun Meeting Openers, Group Activities and Adventures using Social Media, Smart Phones, GPS, Tablets, More

Use technology to increase loyalty and productivity in your employees 50 Digital Team-Building Games offers fun, energizing meeting openers, team activities, and group adventures for business teams, using Twitter, GPS, Facebook, smartphones, and other technology. The games can be played in-person or virtually, and range from 5-minute ice-breakers to an epic four-hour GPS-based adventure. Designed to be lead by managers, facilitators, presenters, and speakers, the activities help teams and groups get comfortable with technology, get to know each other better, build trust, improve communication, and more. No need to be a «techie» to lead these games—theyre simple and well-scripted. Author John Chen is the CEO of Geoteaming, a company that uses technology and adventure to teach teams how to collaborate. How to lead a simple, fast, fun team building activity with easy-to-follow instructions How to create successful «virtual» team building that requires NO travel and little to no additional expenses How to engage standoffish engineers, «hard to reach» technical teams, or Gen X/Y teammates with technology they enjoy using Successful technology-based team building can build buzz for your company, build critically important relationships and communication internally, and keep your team talking about it for weeks afterward!

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Pam Brewer Estes International Virtual Teams. Engineering Global Success

Dr. Brewer presents a complete guide to international virtual team communication with the most up-to-date research developments in the engineering workplace on a global scale, and a problem-solving approach to using and communicating in virtual teams. Presents guidelines heavily based on empirical data Application of virtual team communication guidelines to the field of engineering Provides strategies and sample projects for teaching

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Eric Emerson Clinical Psychology and People with Intellectual Disabilities

Clinical Psychology & People with Intellectual Disabilities provides trainee and qualified clinical psychologists with the most up-to-date information and practical clinical skills for working with people with intellectual disabilities. Represents an invaluable training text for those planning to work with people with intellectual disabilities Includes coverage of key basic concepts, relevant clinical skills, and the most important areas of clinical practice All chapters have been fully updated with the latest evidence. New chapters cover working professionally, working with people with autism and addressing aspects of the wider social context within which people with learning disabilities live. Beneficial to related health and social care staff, including psychiatrists, nurses, and social workers

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Jessica Kriegel Unfairly Labeled. How Your Workplace Can Benefit From Ditching Generational Stereotypes

A blueprint for managing people, not generations Unfairly Labeled challenges the very concept of «generational differences» as an unfair generalization, and offers a roadmap to intergenerational understanding. While acknowledging that generational stereotypes exist, author Jessica Kriegel argues that they are wrong—and that its unreasonable to assume that the millions of people born in the same 20-year time span are motivated by the same things, attracted to the same things, and should be dealt with in the same way. Kriegels experience as Organizational Developer at Oracle puts her squarely in the talent strategy realm, where she works to optimize leadership development, team effectiveness, and organizational design. Drawing upon her experiences with workers of all ages and types, she shows how behaviors know no generational boundaries and how to work with people based on their talents, strengths, and weaknesses rather than simply slapping on a generational label and fitting them into an arbitrary slot. There are 80 million Millenials in America, yet there are myriad books on «managing Millenials» and «working with Millenials» and «the problem with Millenials.» This book shows that whether youre working with Millenials, Generation X, or Baby Boomers, age is not the issue—its the interpersonal dynamics that matter most. Examine the concept of «generational issues» Explore the disparate reality of each 20-year generational span Learn to understand and work effectively with other generations Facilitate intergenerational understanding sessions The human mind craves categorization, so the tendency to lump people together is natural. It may, however, be holding your organization back. The members of each generation have only one thing in common—their age—and even that varies by two whole decades. Why assume that they should all be managed the same way? Unfairly Labeled shows you a better way, and provides a roadmap to a more effective organizational strategy.

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Sabyasachi Bhaumik The Frith Prescribing Guidelines for People with Intellectual Disability

The Frith Prescribing Guidelines for People with Intellectual Disability provides comprehensive guidance on prescribing for patients with intellectual disability, as well as general information on the clinical care of this important population. The guidelines have been conceived and developed by clinicians working in intellectual disability services. They are based on both the latest evidence and expert opinion to provide a consensus approach to prescribing as part of a holistic package of care, and include numerous case examples and scenarios. New to this edition are improved coverage of children and the role of primary care teams. The Frith Prescribing Guidelines for People with Intellectual Disability, Third Edition, is a practical guide for busy clinicians, as well as a valuable reference for all primary and secondary health care professionals caring for people with intellectual disability.

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Portable Smart Ring Waterproof Technology Finger With Android/IOS APP For Every Virtual Card Intelligent NFC R3

Michael West A. Effective Teamwork. Practical Lessons from Organizational Research

Updated to reflect the latest research evidence, the third edition of Effective Teamwork provides business managers with the necessary guidance and tools to build and maintain effective teamwork strategies. A new edition of a bestselling book on teamwork from an acknowledged leader in the field Offers a unique integration of rigorous research with practical guidance to develop effective leadership teams Features new chapters on virtual teams and top management teams, plus contemporary themes of ethics and values Utilizes research based on positive psychology techniques

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Claudio Gaucher Chemostratigraphy Across Major Chronological Boundaries

Exploring environmental changes through Earth’s geological history using chemostratigraphy Chemostratigraphy is the study of the chemical characteristics of different rock layers. Decoding this geochemical record across chronostratigraphic boundaries can provide insights into geological history, past climates, and sedimentary processes. Chemostratigraphy Across Major Chronological Boundaries presents state-of-the-art applications of chemostratigraphic methods and demonstrates how chemical signatures can decipher past environmental conditions. Volume highlights include: Presents a global perspective on chronostratigraphic boundaries Describes how different proxies can reveal distinct elemental and isotopic events in the geologic past Examines the Archaean-Paleoproterozoic, Proterozoic-Paleozoic, Paleozoic-Mesozoic, and Mesozoic-Paleogene boundaries Explores cause-and-effect through major, trace, PGE, and REE elemental, stable, and radiogenic isotopes Offers solutions to persistent chemostratigraphic problems on a micro-global scale Geared toward academic and researchgeoscientists, particularly in the fields of sedimentary petrology, stratigraphy, isotope geology, geochemistry, petroleum geology, atmospheric science, oceanography, climate change and environmental science, Chemostratigraphy Across Major Chronological Boundaries offers invaluable insights into environmental evolution and climatic change.

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Платье туника MIA-Amore JESSICA Джессика 8155. Размер. S (44 размер), M (46 размер), L (48 размер), XL (50 размер), XXL (52 размер), XS(42).

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Цена: 250 грн. - Модна джинсова сорочка c&a Jessica (C&A), #16914192, Цвета: Синий, Голубой, Размер: 40 / L / 48. Купить в Шафе недорого.

Сорочка ночная женская MIA-MIA JESSICA Джессика - Царство Сна

Главная >; Сорочка ночная женская MIA-Amore JESSICA Джессика 8151. Сорочка ночная женская MIA-Amore JESSICA Джессика 8151. Tap to expand ...

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Key LND 073 B7 Женская ночная рубашка принты и миксы. KEY Key LND 073 B7 Женская ночная рубашка принты и миксы. Цена товара:400.00 грн

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Размеры-XL - в интернет магазине Привези колготки. Артикул 15994-17. По Москве доставим уже завтра, по России 5 дней. Прием карт Visa ...

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Сорочка из вискозы Jessica (Donna) - в интернет-магазине корсетов и белья CorsetShop.ru Вы можете купить Женские сорочки, пижамы, халаты из ...

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Купить Халат сатиновый DKaren JESSICA в интернет-магазине ... К таким моделям можно отнести халат Jessica, который способен изящно подчеркнуть все прелести женского тела. ... Женская ночная сорочка Dkaren Karen.

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Стильная женская ночная сорочка светло-розового цвета, выполнена из мягкого и высококачественного хлопка, свободного кроя и короткими рукавами, ...

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Короткая сорочка Mia-Amore на тонких бретелях полуприлегающего силуэта выполнена из бархата с травленным рисунком. Центр сорочки украшен ...

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Livia Corsetti Jessica– романтичная сорочка в стиле бэби-долл из ... белье, которое способно подчеркнуть все женские прелести и достоинства. Не зря ...

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Комплект Livia Corsetti JESSICA Пеньюары, сорочки. Модель: JESSICA Livia Corsetti. Комплект Livia Corsetti JESSICA. В сравнение. Комплект Livia ...

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скидка золотистый Женские Туфли Jessica Simpson 8I1XO7iZ.

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Каталог женских сорочек с фото, ценами и размерами. Магазины где можно купить ночные сорочки для женщин в ... Сорочка женская "Жесси". 509 руб.

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51633 (Сорочка женская - WINTER 2018-2019) (51633). Продажа оптом только ИП и юридическим лицам! Зарегистрируйтесь чтобы увидеть цены и оформить заказ. 51632. 51632 Сорочка женская - WINTER 2018-2019 2XL (52) пудренный 000 (51632). Продажа оптом только ИП и юридическим лицам! Зарегистрируйтесь чтобы увидеть цены и оформить заказ. 51631. 51631 Сорочка женская - WINTER 2018-2019 L (48) пудренный 000 (51631). Продажа оптом только ИП и юридическим лицам!

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Купальник раздельный Feba Jessi 05DK ✿ 100% наличие ✈ Быстрая доставка ... Женский сдельный купальник с плотными чашками бандо Self S802 H17 ... Женская короткая ночная сорочка на тонких бретелях Babella Amber.

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Рубашка Женская Джесси от 470.00 руб. от компании Лика Дресс (Lika Dress), г. Иваново. Описание и подробные характеристики, цена, фотографии, ...

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23 дек. 2016 г. - Пижама женская с шортами Sensis Jessica. 648 грн. Пижама женская с ... 585 грн. СОРОЧКА ЖЕНСКАЯ ELLEN LND 017/003. 347 грн.

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Женская одежда для дома154. Быстрый просмотр Костюм Тata NEREIDE 5502 бирюзовый, размер 44 9 800 руб. / шт В корзину. Купить в 1 клик К сравнению. ... Быстрый просмотр Ночная сорочка Celestine AMALIA BD Белая 18 000 руб. / шт В корзину. Купить в 1 клик К сравнению. В избранное В наличии.

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Все сорочки, туники, платья для дома Mia-Mella (Миа Мелла) ... Отзывы (0) о Платье "Jessica " Mia-Mella. Написать ... Сорочка женская Красная ветка.

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Короткая сорочка Mia-Amore на тонких бретелях полуприлегающего силуэта выполнена из бархата с травленным рисунком. Центр сорочки украшен ...

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Сорочка женская шелковая MIA-Amore ARMANI GOLD АРМАНИ Г... 3400 руб. Подробно. К сравнению. Сорочка женская натуральный шелк MIA-MIA Kristy КРИСТИ... 4000 руб. Подробно. К сравнению. ... Сорочка ночная женская MIA-Mella MIRABELLA МИРАБЕЛЛА 2071. 1550 руб. Подробно. К сравнению. Сорочка ночная женская MIA-Amore MIRABELLA МИРАБЕЛЛА 2070. 1550 руб. Подробно.

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6 нояб. 2018 г. - Женские футболки и топы Jessica Wright — купить по выгодной цене с доставкой. Популярные ... Сорочка Ивановотекстиль. 410 ₽.

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Коллекция женского белья Jessica от Mia-Amore из искусственного шелка. ... Сорочки, туника, уютный костюм и роскошный халат-кимоно позволят ...

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Рубашка Женская Джесси. Артикул: 1470. 0 руб. Временно отсутствует. Описание; Доставка. Мы сотрудничаем со следующими транспортными ...

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Чувственный набор (сорочка в стиле бэби-долл и трусики-стринги) из деликатной мягкой эластичной полупрозрачной ткани. Сорочка украшена ...

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Пижама женская с шортами Sensis Jessica - купить за 792.00 грн. в ... Ночная рубашка женская Sensis Little Star .... Сорочка женская Sensis Never grafit.

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В продаже Комплект женский JESSICA SENSIS, Польша. Доступная цена. Доставка в ... Сорочки + ... Стильный комплект ТМ Sensis Jessica. Модель ...

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Найдите на eBay выгодные предложения по запросу Рубашка женская Jessica Simpson молодежные платья. Вы найдете новые и б/у товары в Рубашка ...

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Opium Колготки с легким поддерживающим эффектом (Jessica 40d-1) ... Назад; Смотреть все товары раздела · Сорочки и пеньюары · Боди- ...

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Магазин модной женской одежды. Товаров 0 (₽0). Ваша корзина пуста! Категории. ZAPS осень-зима ... Комплект ANAIS JESSICA сорочка + стринги. L ...

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Сорочка женская. Сокальска. Схема вышивки крестиком Вышивакнка женская Схема вышивки крестиком. Дизайн машиной вышивки купить в Львове и ...

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Каталог Jessica Simpson (Джессика Симпсон) со скидкой до 90% в интернет-магазине модных распродаж KUPIVIP.RU!

Женская одежда Jessica в Уфе - 1114 товаров: Выгодные цены.

В категории: Женская одежда Jessica - купить по выгодной цене, ... Сорочка женская Anais Jessica ... Коллекция "Весна-2013" Бренда Jessica (Россия).

Сорочка (женское бельё) — Википедия

Соро́чка — разновидность женского нательного белья, представляет собой нательную трикотажную сорочку на бретелях, закрывающую бёдра.Не найдено: жессиLIVIA CORSETTI JESSIE комплект женский сорочка+стрингиhttps://sp.38mama.ru/sp/newCatalog/index/id/196507828/Сохраненная копия28 сент. 2018 г. - LIVIA CORSETTI JESSIE комплект женский сорочка+стринги, арт. LIVIA CORSETTI JESSI, цена: 1482р.; РУБРИКАТОР: Эротическое ...

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Пышная тюлевая сорочка Anais Jessica, цена 483 грн., купить в Бердянске — Prom.ua (ID#273065306). ... Одежда для сна и дома женская ... Черная прозрачная сорочка Anais Jessica может стать любимой Вашем гардеробе ...

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Купить Брюки женские "Jessica" 43 43 в Украине. Доставка, гарантия. ... Брюки женские “Jessica”_Цвет – 43_Состав:_96 % коттон_4% эластан ...

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Женская одежда. Одежда для дома и отдыха. Костюмы для дома и отдыха. ... Сорочка из полупрозрачной эластичной ткани глубокого синего цвета, декорирована изящным кружевом и чёрными капроновыми рюшами. Лиф корсета на косточках, между чашечек шнуровка, под лифом тонкое чёрное кружево, бретельки регулируются по длине, на спине очаровательный бантик. Сорочка комплектуется трусиками стрингами. Торговая марка: Obsessive (Польша)... 2 640 руб.

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Женская пижама SENSIS JESSICA, купить с бесплатной доставкой в интернет магазине inside-you.ru, Скидки, акции, подарки. Заказ по тел.: 8 499 341 17 ...

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Бюстгальтер-балконет Jessica Velvet Touch. 2 999,00руб. Больше ... Сорочка из тюля с шелковыми бретелями J'adore. 4 199,00руб. ПРОСМОТР.

Ночная сорочка "Клематис" Грандсток, Артикул: 14568077, цена ...

Ночная сорочка "Клематис" - Размер: 46 Размер: 48 Размер: 50 Размер: 52. ... Грандсток Сорочка женская "Жесси" 489 РУБ. Грандсток Кольцо ...

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ZANZEA женские без рукавов с ремешками длинное макси-платье с открытой ... макси плюс размер женский кафтан туника платье ночная сорочка. ... including Beyonce and Jessica Simpson, this dress can also be worn belted and ...

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Крутая фирменная рубашка Jessica C&A в полоску,блуза,блузочка подарок ремешок. Previous Next. Крутая ... Категория. Женские рубашки, блузки C&a.

Сорочка и трусики Jessica - нижнего белья

Интернет-магазин женского нижнего белья · [email protected] ... Как заказать · Эротическое белье · Эротические комплекты; Сорочка и трусики Jessica ...

Красивые Ночные Сорочки Больших Размеров — Купить Недорого ...

Теплая длинная ночная сорочка женская (ночнушка) большого размера хлопковая с начесом байковая (Украина). Покупка ..... г. Херсон. Jessica DKaren.

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Пеньюар Anais Jessica Size+ S Черный – купить на ➦ Rozetka.ua. ☎: (044) ... Сорочка ажурная Anais Indiana Size+ 3XL Черно-красная ... Сексуальный и интригующий пеньюар Jessica не скроет ни единого изгиба женского тела.

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Сорочка женская нижняя. Производитель: Свитанок Модель: Свитанок P307272 Наличие: В наличии. Цена: 490 руб. ... Сорочка женская ночная. 520 руб. Купить. Сорочка женская ночная. 690 руб. Купить. Вискозная туника женская. 890 руб. 790 руб. Купить. Туника женская на брителях. 580 руб. Купить. Туника женская.

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Женский комплект Push-up Orkide (Jessica) 7007, 80% полиамид 20% эластан, фото и цена push-up оптом в Москве.

итальянские мужские сорочки - Женская обувь в Кыргызстан на ...

... мужские сорочки. Больше всего объявлений по запросу итальянские мужские сорочки, было найдено в категории Женская обувь на lalafo.kg в Кыргызстан. Страница 7. ... Обувь_ Fabiani, Geox, Jessica Simpson в Бишкек 3.

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A game-changing approach to management Too often discussions of management practice focus exclusively on managing people and organizational issues. Rarely, however, do they incorporate a discussion about technology or address all three dimensions in a balanced way. When they do, the result is game changing. In our hypercompetitive environment, those managers who are outstanding at being plugged into their people, technology, and organizational processes simultaneously excel at coming up with effective business solutions. The Plugged-In Manager makes the case that being plugged-in—the ability to see choices across each of an organizations dimensions of people, technology, and organizational processes and then to mix them together into new and powerful organizational strategies, structures, and practices—may be the most important capability a manager can develop to succeed in the 21st century. Step by step Griffith shows you how to acquire this ability. Shows what it takes for business managers to succeed as technology and organizations become more and more complex Profiles exceptional leaders and organizations who are plugged-in, such as Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos.com Offers a fresh look at management issues Filled with compelling case studies and drawing on first-hand interviews, The Plugged-In Manager highlights this often neglected managerial capability and the costs of only focusing on one dimension rather than all three.

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WINNING IS THE GOAL, THE CORPORATE SEASON IS ENDLESS, AND THE PRESSURE TO PERFORM IS 24/7 Winning isnt easy. The world is becoming more and more competitive, with a greater need than ever for people to work together effectively in teams to make organizations successful. There is no better model for success in business than the world of sport, with its bottom-line performance culture and its relentless focus on creating winning teams. In Why Teams Win, renowned sports psychologist Dr. Saul L. Miller-the man who teaches elite athletes and top sports teams how to be successful-uses sport as a powerful metaphor for the world of business. Why Teams Win distills Dr. Millers work with hundreds of high-performance teams-in the worlds of sport, business, healthcare, and the arts-into lessons to help business teams perform. Why Teams Win: Identified the 9 key characteristics of successful teams. Describes how to improve personal, organizational, and team performance in each of these 9 areas. Explains how and why to apply different strategies to different types of teams. Outlines how to balance the needs of the individual with the needs of the team. Helps people work together and perform to the best of their abilities. Shows how to get the maximum potential out of a group of individuals. Features advice, quotes, and interviews from high-profile athletes and coaches, as well as from business leaders. Includes self-evaluation and team-building exercises. Why Teams Win offers anyone wanting to improve their personal and team performance a proven and accessible formula for success.

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Evidence Informed Nursing with Older People is an essential text for nursing students and registered nurses working with older people who are seeking to make connections between theory, evidence and value based gerontological practice. The rapidly rising aging global population requires that more attention is given to the needs and requirements of older people. This textbook is a key resource for nursing students and registered nurses working with older people who wish to improve their practice. Evidence Informed Nursing with Older People takes a unique case-study approach, with individual chapters presenting nursing practice-based case studies on some of the most common areas of care faced by nurses working around the world with older people. Each case study illustrates the connections between practice, theory, evidence and values. User-friendly and accessible, this textbook includes key points, reflection activities, test points, and perspectives from older people throughout. Key features An up-to-date treatment of the nursing contribution to key geriatric syndromes International expert contributions from the UK, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia and China An evidence-based, case-study approach to the care of older people

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This is the seventh edition of International Management Behavior, an established text for students and executives developing the knowledge, perspective and skills required for leading and managing people in global business. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of international management, structured around the core challenges and opportunities faced by global managers. This encompasses: the role of the global manager, working on an individual and organizational level, and understanding how to manage a diverse workforce. Individual chapters address key subjects, including: the global mindset, working effectively across cultures, strategy execution, change management and working in global teams. This edition has been thoroughly updated to reflect recent developments in ethics and corporate sustainability. Based on over 40 years of teaching and research, International Management Behavior 7e is designed to stimulate and facilitate learning. This text combines a wealth of theoretical knowledge with current real-world examples across a range of cultures and industry sectors. The authors focus on research that provides the most immediate, practical guidance for managers, with well-chosen examples to demonstrate practical implementation and bring key concepts to life. To accompany the revised and updated seventh edition of International Management Behavior, updated instructor support material has been supplied at www.wiley.com/go/lane7e, including PowerPoint slides and teaching notes. This instructor site has been designed in conjunction with the main text to assist the teaching and development of global leaders.

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Get connected and improve outcomes with a more modern approach to project management Project Management 2.0 tackles the new emerging approach and toolset for practicing project management in a virtual world. Author Harold Kerzner is recognized as the thought leader in project management, and in this book, he shows how PM 2.0 offers better outcomes with a focus on new tools, better governance, improved collaboration, and more meaningful reporting using KPIs, metrics, and dashboards. This full color guide explores the impact PM 2.0 changes are having on organizations around the world, and provides a detailed comparison with PM 1.0 to help practitioners adopt new techniques and tools to use within their existing project management approach. At its core, PM 2.0 recognizes that a new generation of workers grew up in a Web 2.0 world of web-based project management tools that allow virtual or distributed teams to work together much more closely than in the past. Advances in technology and information flow have shown that traditional project management techniques are ineffective for many of todays projects. This book offers an alternative with PM 2.0, an updated approach that aligns more closely with the modern workflow. Discover the new project management tools that are changing the workflow Learn how to improve collaboration with stakeholders Explore new ideas and processes for better project governance Achieve more meaningful information reporting with traditional tools Project management is an integral component of successful business operations. With todays technology, teams are no longer limited by distance or time zones – so why are they being managed with approaches that are? This book provides a framework more relevant to the way people work today. For the project manager looking to increase efficiency and improve outcomes, Project Management 2.0 provides the information and tools that can make it happen.

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– Discover how to set personal boundaries in the most important aspects of our lives with psychotherapist and relationship expert, Jennie Miller, and award-winning journalist Victoria Lambert.– Regularly published in The Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Gu

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Karen Lojeski Sobel Uniting the Virtual Workforce. Transforming Leadership and Innovation in Globally Integrated Enterprise

Praise for Uniting the Virtual Workforce «Uniting the Virtual Workforce offers much-needed guidance on how to navigate the largely unmapped territory of virtual work environments in the global economy. The authors do an outstanding job of presenting how organizations should address the challenges of virtual workforces so as to reap the huge potential benefits of increased growth, productivity, and innovation.» -C. Warren Axelrod, PhD, Chief Privacy Officer and Business Information Security Officer, U.S. Trust, and author of Outsourcing Information Security «Lojeski and Reilly bring us something that readers of business books so rarely get-no nonsense practical guidance on how to manage distance, especially where it most often serves as an impediment to working effectively.Ê If you interface with widely dispersed team members who rarely see one another and communicate by virtue of impersonal electronics, you may expect to find this book provocative, counterintuitive, and above all, exciting. It gives all of us who have to struggle, while working with talent stretched across distance, hope, that maybe there are ways to do this right!» -Patrick J. McKenna, author of First Among EqualsÊ «A must-read for global corporate executives who manage geographically dispersed job sharing teams. Practical strategies for preventing productivity loss and optimizing innovation. The authors pull no punches in showing the real downsides to the virtual work phenomenon; they have done a great service for us all.» -Jeff Saperstein, author of Creating Regional Wealth in the Innovation Economy «Uniting the Virtual Workforce charts the course for competing in the twenty-first century by tapping into the powers of virtual work. Any manager who ignores the virtual workforce is underperforming, and any company or organization that does not appreciate virtual work is already at a competitive disadvantage. Karen and Dick have tapped into a key ingredient in the recipe for global growth.» -Jerry MacArthur Hultin, President, Polytechnic University, and former Under Secretary of the Navy «Authors Sobel Lojeski and Reilly have provided a useful primer for the harried executive striving for productivity improvements while seeing the workload expand and the workforce disperse. Using conceptual definitions of Physical, Operational, and Affinity Distance to describe the multifaceted dimensions of building teams of people to work effectively together, the authors construct a very powerful set of metrics for a manager to improve the capability of his or her workgroup, no matter where it resides or how it is composed. The book is rich in anecdotes and specific studies that illustrate the concepts in an engaging, pertinent, and easy-to-understand manner. In an age of outsourcing, offshoring, and decentralizing groups of people who have to get things done together, reading this small book will repay itself many times over.» -Charles House, Director, Media X Lab at Stanford University, and former Director of the Societal Impact of Technology, Intel Corporation

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Rob Salkowitz Generation Blend. Managing Across the Technology Age Gap

If you want to engage, motivate, and retain young workers without driving the veteran workers away, Generation Blend can help you. This timely book explores how generational attitudes toward technology affect issues as diverse as recruitment and retention, employee training, management decision-making, collaboration, knowledge sharing, and work/life balance. Looking to solve the puzzle of productivity across the technology age gap? Start with Generation Blend.

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Tianyou Li Live-Line Operation and Maintenance of Power Distribution Networks

Excellent reference outlining the technical basis and working principles of live-line working, with current application technology, tools and working methods Introduces live-line working technology for the operation and maintenance of medium and low voltage power distribution networks, covering both the methods and techniques of live-line working on distribution networks with O&M field practices and experiences Elaborates the technical basis and working principles of live-line working in detail, with current application technology, tools and working methods Combining theory and practice closely, it provides technical guidance and helpful references to technical personnel who are engaged in distribution operation management, as well as related academics and researchers Written by a team of authors with extensive experience in both industry and academic fields, providing first-hand testimony of the issues facing electricity distribution companies, and offering sound theoretical foundations and rich field experiences

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Martin Hosken VMware Software-Defined Storage. A Design Guide to the Policy-Driven, Storage Era

The inside guide to the next generation of data storage technology VMware Software-Defined Storage, A Guide to the Policy Driven, Software-Defined Storage Era presents the most in-depth look at VMwares next-generation storage technology to help solutions architects and operational teams maximize quality storage design. Written by a double VMware Certified Design Expert, this book delves into the design factors and capabilities of Virtual SAN and Virtual Volumes to provide a uniquely detailed examination of the software-defined storage model. Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) is discussed in terms of deployment through VMware technology, with insight into the provisioning of storage resources and operational management, while legacy storage and storage protocol concepts provide context and demonstrate how Virtual SAN and Virtual Volumes are meeting traditional challenges. The discussion on architecture emphasizes the economies of storage alongside specific design factors for next-generation VMware based storage solutions, and is followed by an example in which a solution is created based on the preferred option identified from a selection of cross-site design options. Storage hardware lifecycle management is an ongoing challenge for IT organizations and service providers. VMware is addressing these challenges through the software-defined storage model and Virtual SAN and Virtual Volumes technologies; this book provides unprecedented detail and expert guidance on the future of storage. Understand the architectural design factors of VMware-based storage Learn best practices for Virtual SAN stretched architecture implementation Deploy STaaS through vRealize Automation and vRealize Orchestrator Meet traditional storage challenges with next-generation storage technology Virtual SAN and Virtual Volumes are leading the way in efficiency, automation, and simplification, while maintaining enterprise-class features and performance. As organizations around the world are looking to cut costs without sacrificing performance, availability, or scalability, VMware-based next-generation storage solutions are the ideal platform for tomorrows virtual infrastructure. VMware Software-Defined Storage provides detailed, practical guidance on the model that is set to transform all aspects of vSphere data center storage.

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Ken Blanchard Go Team! Take Your Team to the Next Level

All of us in the todays workforce are called upon more and more to work effectively in teams. But do you know how to build a team that truly takes advantage of the knowledge, experience, and motivation of its members? Most of us dont, and we quickly become frustrated, give up, and opt to go it alone-not a good solution in todays business environment. Fortunately, there is a better way. Here, expert authors Ken Blanchard, Alan Randolph, and Peter Grazier outline a 3-step process that will help you transform any kind of team into a Next-Level Team-one that uses all team members ideas and motivation more effectively, makes better use of team members and team leaders time, and generates benefits for individual team members, the team, and the organization. Designed as a working guide filled with detailed instructions for people who want to build high performing teams, Go Team! will lead you, step by step, to great results. Through discussions, case examples, and questions to consider, you and your teammates will learn how to share information to build high levels of trust and responsibility; set clear boundaries to create the freedom for team members to act responsibly; and develop self-managing skills to make good team decisions. With Go Team! as a guide, youll find that working in a team can be fun, satisfying, and highly productive.

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Maria Peeters C.W. An Introduction to Contemporary Work Psychology

This is the first comprehensive overview of work psychology, with coverage of classic models, current theories, and contemporary issues affecting the 21st-century worker. Examines the positive aspects of work–motivation, performance, creativity, and engagement—instead of focusing only on adverse effects Edited by leaders in the field with chapters written by a global team of experts from the US, UK, Europe, and Australia Discusses topics such as safety at work, technology, working times, work-family interaction, working in teams , recovery, job demands and job resources, and sickness absence Suitable for advanced courses focused on work psychology as a sub discipline of work and organizational psychology Didactic features include questions for discussion, boxes with practical applications, further reading sections, and a glossary

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Mascull B. Business Vocabulary in Use: Advanced 2 /ans.+ CD-ROM

Business Vocabulary in Use Advanced Second edition is for students and professionals looking to expand their business vocabulary.
Bringing learners up-to-date with the language they need for business today, this book explains words and expressions and also provides practice of using the new language.
This second edition reflects recent developments in technology, global relations and financial practice and covers a range of topics from Competitive Strategy to Globalisation.
It also helps learners develop skills in key areas including working in international teams.

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Manfred F. R. Kets de Vries The Hedgehog Effect. Secrets of Building High Performance Teams

In The Hedgehog Effect, Manfred Kets de Vries presents the case for leadership group coaching as an experiential training ground for learning to function as a high performance team. His group coaching model, incorporating living case studies, has been developed over more than 20 years of delivering programs to top-level executives and sets the standard in the field of leadership group coaching. Written for coaches, consultants, leadership development directors, and anyone working in or with teams, The Hedgehog Effect begins with an in-depth analysis of what teams and groups are all about. The intricacies of leadership coaching are illustrated with an elaborate example of a team coaching intervention. In Part Two, the author applies a psychodynamic lens to the dynamics of teams and groups, taking a close look at relationship patterns, how groups evolve, and the phenomenon of the group-as-a-whole. Part Three takes a more systemic perspective, addressing the challenges that change processes pose for people in organizations, and how to create best places to work. Kets de Vries supports the whole with the story of an organizational change initiative accomplished through group coaching.

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Charles Pellerin J. How NASA Builds Teams. Mission Critical Soft Skills for Scientists, Engineers, and Project Teams

Every successful organization needs high-performance teams to compete and succeed. Yet, technical people are often resistant to traditional «touchy-feely» teambuilding. To improve communication, performance, and morale among NASA’s technical teams, former NASA Astrophysicist Dr. Charlie Pellerin developed the teambuilding process described in «How NASA Builds Teams»—an approach that is proven, quantitative, and requires only a fraction of the time and resources of traditional training methods. This «4-D» process has boosted team performance in hundreds of NASA project teams, engineering teams, and management teams, including the people responsible for NASA’s most complex systems – the Space Shuttle, space telescopes, robots on Mars, and the mission back to the moon. How NASA Builds Teams explains how the 4-D teambuilding process can be applied in any organization, and includes a fast, free on-line behavioral assessment to help your team and the individual members understand each other and measure the key driver of team performance, the social context. Moreover, these simple, logical processes appeal strongly to technical teams who eschew «touchy-feely» training. Pellerin applies simple, elegant principles from his physics background to the art teambuilding, such as the use of a coordinate system to analyze the characteristics of team performance into actionable elements. The author illustrates the teambuilding process with entertaining stories from his decade as NASA’s Director for Astrophysics and subsequent 15 years of working closely with NASA and outside business teams. For example, he tells how the processes in the book enabled him to initiate the space mission to fix the Hubble Space Telescope’s flawed mirror. Free downloadable resources will help you: Identify your teammates’ innate personalities Diagram your culture (And compare it to your customer’s) Measure the coherency of your project’s paradigm (Get this wrong and you will be fired!) and Learn to meet people’s need to feel valued by you. Further, you can download and use Pellerin’s most powerful tool for influencing the outcome of any difficult situation: the Context Shifting Worksheet.

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